Frywall Recipes

  • Fried Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

    For these recipes we usually favor simple, delicious recipes with easy-to-find ingredients. But sometimes, nature has other plans. When Yair found a magnificent chicken of the woods mushroom* growing right in his Brooklyn back yard, we just had to fry it up for you. Fried chicken of the woods has the crunch and texture of fried chicken, with the mild aroma of mushroom and forest. Vegetarians will go crazy for it – if they can keep the carnivores away.

    * Chicken of the woods, of the Laetiporus genus, are fairly common and easy to recognize. But as with any wild mushroom, you should consult an expert to positively identify any specimen you plan to eat. 

  • Chicken Fried Rice

    Chinese fried rice is a brilliant way to transform leftover rice and a few fresh ingredients into something delectable. This recipe provides a basic blueprint with lots of opportunity to customize based on your tastes and what you have in the fridge. Whether or not you have a wok, you'll want to use a Frywall so you can stir and mix without making a mess.

  • Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce

    Italian cooking legend Marcella Hazan gave the world this amazingly simple recipe for a rich, luscious tomato sauce that calls for just a few ingredients and very little prep work. The key is to let it bubble and reduce uncovered for about 45 minutes, which is where the Frywall comes in.
  • Salmon Burgers

    This seafood recipe evokes the flavors and aromas of a beachside restaurant in the summertime, but without all the tourists. Instead of making ground beef, try this healthier alternative for a family meal. You can use tuna if you have it, served with or without the bun.


  • Fried Green Tomatoes

    Crisp and salty on the outside, tangy and luscious on the inside, fried green tomatoes are culinary marvels that don't get their due. If you've never made them, strap yourself in for an experience. Enjoy them with a savory buttermilk ranch dip as an appetizer or the back on the back patio with a cold one, and let the summer sink in.
  • Classic steak with shallots and cognac

    Everyone loves summertime grilling. But there's a big benefit to preparing a steak on the stovetop–the easy addition of a genius shallot and cognac reduction. Your friends will be blown away by your culinary brilliance, especially if you don't tell them how easy it is. And of course, with the Frywall splatter guard, cleanup is easy...