Frywall Recipes

  • Fried Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

    For these recipes we usually favor simple, delicious recipes with easy-to-find ingredients. But sometimes, nature has other plans. When Yair found a magnificent chicken of the woods mushroom* growing right in his Brooklyn back yard, we just had to fry it up for you. Fried chicken of the woods has the crunch and texture of fried chicken, with the mild aroma of mushroom and forest. Vegetarians will go crazy for it – if they can keep the carnivores away.

    * Chicken of the woods, of the Laetiporus genus, are fairly common and easy to recognize. But as with any wild mushroom, you should consult an expert to positively identify any specimen you plan to eat. 

  • Hunter's Chicken (Chicken Chasseur)

    Mushrooms are to early fall what tomatoes are to summer, and few dishes put mushrooms on more fulsome display than poulet chasseur – hunter’s chicken. Fungi give body and depth to this rich braise, but retain their own bite-size integrity. We used shiitake this time around, but you can use crimini, porcini, maitake, or any other fleshy mushroom. The recipe’s other key is pan-sautéing the chicken on high heat. This splatters a ton, so you definitely want to deploy your Frywall.