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Rachael Ray Magazine - Why I Love the Frywall Gadget by Tara Holland (03/12/19) "I love to panfry my rib eye steaks. But because I cook at a high heat for a good, crispy sear, the pan spits fat everywhere..."

Cook's Illustrated - Testing the Frywall (01/30/19). "... if splatter really bothers you, the Frywall is a real innovation and a great option for keeping your cooking area clean. For that reason, we’re naming it our new winning splatter screen."

KHOU 11 - Skip cleanup after frying food with Frywall (02/28/2019) "We were curious about the bright colored kitchen tool that looks like a collar for your frying pan."

28 Products Even The Messiest Person Is No Match For (08/24/18). "This silicone splatter guard works beautifully. I found no grease splatter on my ceramic cooktop after frying so I didn't need to spend the 15 minutes cleaning that mess up. It fit my 10-inch fry pan perfectly without any issues. The Frywall itself was very easy to clean up with a little dawn dish soap and my Scrub Daddy. This is one kitchen tool that I will use over and over."

KWCH-12 Wichita (CBS) - "Does it Work: Frywall" (02/01/18). "The Frywall costs $21.95. Is it worth the money? To find out, we put it to the test with help from Lara Shamblin, store manager at Jimmy's Egg..."

BKLYNER - "Park Slope Entrepreneur Pitches Kitchen Invention on 'Shark Tank'" by Paul Stremple (01/10/18). "When Yair Reiner got up in front of the “sharks,” all the nervousness left him. “Up until I got in there, I was nervous,” he said. “It was a little like an out-of-body experience for me...”

CNBC - "'Shark Tank's' Lori Greiner says this laid-off inventor's product that prevents cooking spatter is her favorite this year" by Ali Montag (01/08/2018). 
"'This is my golden ticket, it's real gold,' she says holding up a sliver of metal. 'The golden ticket goes to my favorite product I've seen...'"

Shark Tank - Season 9, Episode 14 (01/07/18). "An entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, introduces an ingenious kitchen tool that solves for the splatter that sprays your kitchen and clothes when cooking; an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida, invents a special stroller that allows caregivers to also fit in a workout; and entrepreneurs from New York City believe they have created the best men's garment out there."

Crave - "10 Gifts for Hardcore Cook" by Erica Rivera (11/28/17). "Everyone loves fried food, but nobody enjoys the cleanup. This BPA-free silicone Frywall tucks inside pans and pots to keep hot grease from splattering all over the countertop, the walls, or (worse) on you..."

BuzzFeed - "25 Gifts for the Clumsiest Person You Know" by Elizabeth Lilly (11/22/17).  "#1. Frywall, a genius splatter guard to turn frying bacon into a painless task..."

Los Angeles Times - "Gifts for those who love to cook, and bake" by Amy Scattergood, Noelle Carter, and Jenn Harris (11/03/17). "For the home cook who loves to fry but hates a mess, there’s the Frywall. It’s a silicone cone that creates a barrier around whatever you’re frying. So your recipients can go nuts with fried chicken, doughnuts, candy bars or whatever else they decide to fry..." - "13 Recipes That Will Have You Frying Without Fear (or Splatters)" by Hana Asbrink (10/20/17). "We’ve all been there. Toiling away at the stove, lovingly stirring a pot of ragu when the inevitable occurs: The tiniest bubbles emerge, breaking the surface of your beautiful sauce, making their way, well, everywhere... The Frywall's flexible silicone funnel shape is great for its versatility..."

Architectural Digest - "10 Kitchen Supplies That Will Make Your Nightly Cleanup Infinitely Easier" by Amanda Sims (8/29/17). "One of the most annoying forms of kitchen mess? Oil splatters from sautéeing or frying just about anything: They'll cling mightily to any surface and have to be scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed again clean. Meaning the easiest way to fight them is to prevent them in the first place..." – “Two New Amazing Gadgets” by Mary Hunt (08/01/17). “Two New Amazing Gadgets” by Mary Hunt “I’ve recently added two new gadgets to my kitchen that famed television chef Alton Brown would not be happy about if he knew…”

Making It Real Podcast - "Frywall: How to Be an Entrepreneur" with Bob Caporale and Tate Tegtmeier from Sequent Learning Networks (06/26/17) - "Meet the Winner of Today's Next Big Thing Challenge"  (04/21/17) "On the final day of TODAY’s Next Big Thing, Yair Reiner beat three rounds of contestants to win the chance to sell his invention, the Frywall Splatter Guard, on QVC’s “Saturday Morning Q” this weekend. The silicone splatter guard aims to keep your sizzling food from spraying out. Congratulations to Yair! ." - "The Silicone Solution to Splatter-Free Frying" by Olivia Bloom (04/03/17) "It's what keeps me from pan-frying dumplings, thickly breaded chicken cutlets, or slabs of eggplant as often as I'd like. I can't stand the post-fry clean up." - "Hate Cleaning Your Stovetop As Much As I Do? You Need This Genius Invention In Your Life" by Jeanine Edwards (04/03/17) "I love cooking, but one of the things that always gives me pause before throwing down in the kitchen is the clean up. Nothing kills a food buzz quite like the prospect of having to scrub the stove, am I right?"

Trucker News - "Keep oil in the pan with splatter guard" by Deanne Winslett (1/4/17) "Cooking in your truck means getting creative with the limited space you have. Unfortunately, because cab space can be so tight, it can be impossible to keep oil from splattering all over if you’re cooking with a frying pan on a portable stove or hot plate."

The Cook's Cook - "Denise's Top Picks" by Denise Landis (12/2/16) "Frywall is a heat-resistant silicone shield that can be placed in frying pan to prevent splatter... Genius! I recommend it highly." 

PopSugar - "Foodie Favorites" by Erin Callum (11/13/16) "You know when you see a product so simply perfect and you scratch your head wondering why it's taken someone so long to invent it? This is it..."

Simplemost - "This Simple Product Stops Greasy Splatters" by Bridget Sharkey (10/18/16) "What’s better than waking up to the smell of bacon cooking? What a perfect way to start the day! However, your dancing feet will soon be stilled when you realize the giant cleanup you now have on your hands..."

Business Insider - "9 Kitchen Gadgets that Will Cut Down the Time You Spend Cooking and Cleaning Dishes" (10/14/16) by Kelsey Mulvey "Cranking up your stove top's heat can speed up your meal's cook time, but it also leaves unwanted sauce and grease splatters on your countertops, walls, and backsplash. Rest this guard on top of your pan and it'll keep splatters and condensation at bay."

GearHungry - Frywall (10/14/16) "Frywall keeps the sizzling confined to a pan without having to invest in a giant wok or wasting your time with ineffective splatter screens that stop working when lifted up. It doesn’t obstruct your pan whatsoever..."

Industry Tap - "Bacon Lovers Rejoice!" by Marshall Smith (10/4/16) "Bacon is incredible, and that’s a universally accepted fact. Well… sort of. Bacon lovers will probably agree that frying it has its drawbacks, namely grease popping and burning your arm continuously..."

TechnaBob - Frywall Keeps Bacon Grease Where It Belongs" by Conner Flynn (10/3/16) "This is one of those gadgets that is such a simple idea, you wonder why you never thought of it yourself...." 

ubergizmo (French) - "Un bouclier anti eclabousure pout faire cuire votre bacon" by Thibault Deschamps (10/3/16) "Marre de tâcher votre chemise avant de partir au travail, parce que comme les British, vous mangez du bacon le matin?Ne tremblez plus, le Frywall vient à votre rescousse..."

Coolthings - "Frywall Splatter-Proofs Your Frying Pan to Keep the Kitchen Clean" (9/30/16) "If you’re going to fry stuff in the pan, you’re going to get oil splatters, whether you’re working with chicken, porkchops, or tasty slices of bacon. Yeah, you’re going to have to clean up the stovetop, the walls, and everything else in the vicinity afterwards. Unless, of course, you’re using the Frywall..."

ExtraCispy - "This Cooking Shield Lets You Fry Bacon Without Covering Your Kitchen in Grease"  by Megan Reynolds (9/30/16) "Of all the foods in the breakfast canon, bacon can be the messiest to make and the most delicious to eat. Thank god for this freaking bacon shield..."

Thrillist - "This Protective Shield Will Save You From All That Bacon Grease" by Tony Merevick (9/29/16) "If there's just one bad thing about frying up package of bacon, it's almost certainly the giant, greasy mess it'll inevitably leave all over your stovetop (and possibly your clothes/body)...."

Gizmodo - "The Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to Bacon" by Andrew Liszewski (9/29/16) "The internet’s obsession with all things bacon shows no signs of slowing, but for some reason it’s happy to ignore the biggest downside to frying up that fat-filled treat: the layer of grease that ends up splattered all over your kitchen..."

MikeShouts - "Frywall Splatter Guard Keeps Grease Where It Belongs" by Mike Chua (9/29/16) "Frying pan, frypan, or as some would call it, skillet, is a great invention but I bet its creator (or creators) didn’t think the aftermath, i.e. the inevitable splatter of grease and oil, would be a problem for us, the future folks..."

Blog 360 (Netherlands) - Frywall - (9/29/16) "Keep your simmer and sizzle contained with this silicone splatter guard. Frywall lets you sauté, fry, and marinate at high temperatures without spattering your counters and walls."

Cooking Gizmos - "Frywall Splatter Protection" by geekycooking (9/29/16) "So you don’t want to cause any mess while preparing your food? The Frywall has you covered...."

Trend Hunter - "The 'Frywall' Pan Cover Prevents Oil and Debris from Escaping Pans" (9/29/16) by Michael Hemsworth" Anyone who has ever attempted to cook virtually any foods in a frying pan knows how quickly splattering occurs, so the 'Frywall' pan cover looks to prevent this from being a problem...." - "Frywall the Classics: Breaded Cauliflower" by Carlo Fuda (9/19/16) "Earlier this year, at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, I had the pleasure of smelling delicious, irresistible bacon every morning of the show.  Introducing Frywall.  An easy-to-use and easier-to-put-away kitchen gadget that can handle all kinds of sizzle..."

InventionStories - "Yair Reiner and Frywall" by Robert Bear (8/14/16) "I enjoy cooking for my family. From purchasing the ingredients and preparing the meal to organizing and placing the plate On the table. I watch them breath it in and tell me how good it looks. We begin eating and I listen for the mmmmm sound and when I hear it…happiness. What I hate is the mess..."