Frywall Sizing Guide

Which size Frywall do you need? Start by measuring the rim-to-rim distance across the top of your pan. Next, take a look at our sizing chart and video demonstration of how to measure your pan.

Pan size 7.625" to 8.5&quot
Frywall 8
Pan size 9.5" to 10.25"

Frywall 10

Pan size to 10.25" to 11"

Frywall 11

Pan size 11.5" to 12.25"

Frywall 12

Pan size 12.25" to 13"

Frywall 13

Frywall works with frying pans and skillets of various standard sizes. Whether you have a gas, electric, or induction stove, Frywall keeps your stovetop free from splatter and oil mist.