Frywall can be tricky to position your first time out. Budget a minute or two to get the knack. It’s a breeze after that. Check out this demo and take a look at the instructions below. Not sure which size Frywall you need? Also take a look at our sizing guide.

1.  Verify that the surface marked “IN” faces the inside of your pan. If your model has a stability ring, it should face the middle of the pan.


2.  Grip Frywall with your thumbs on the inside and your other fingers spread out wide on the outside surface.

3.  Maintaining this grip, maneuver Frywall so the bottom edge forms a circle.

4.  Gently lower Frywall into your pan. Frywall should rest against the inside surface of your pan's rim, so the cooking surface stays clear. Frywall won't be damaged by sitting on the cooking surface, but it may get in the way a bit.

5.  Cook away, just avoid exposing Frywall to direct flames. Frywall is safe to 450°F, well above the smoking temperature of most cooking oils.

6.  For easy storage, roll up Frywall and place it back into its reusable plastic packing sleeve.