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Frywall Recipes

Yam Khai Dao (Thai fried egg salad)

Yam Khai Dao - Thai fried egg salad ยำไข่ดาว
Sometimes comfort food is what we need and for that traditional egg salad –rich, creamy and always polite – can't be beat. Other times, we hanker after something badass, pungent, fiery, crispy, in-your-face. That's where this egg salad comes in. Think of it as discomfort food but the kind you can enjoy, like sweating in the sun after a long cold winter. And sweat you will from the chilis in this salad, though you'll keep fighting it to get at the sweet, garlicky, lime-infused dressing underneath. Along the way, you may fall in love with the salad's crisply fried egg, which is subjected to oil so hot it puffs up like a pastry. Try it the next time you're in the mood for a light meal with a heavy-duty experience.