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Frywall Recipes


Chraimeh fish recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi
In the beauty pageant of food names, "chraimeh" competes hard for last place. The "chr" is like a prelude to a spit, the "ai" a stubbing of the toe, and the "meh" a resignation without protest.

But don't let the name fool you. Chraimeh is one of the most boldly flavorful fish preparations you'll ever encounter. A North African dish that traces its origins to Sephardic Jewish cuisine in Libya, it combines the pungency of caraway and cumin, the heat of chiles, the sweetness of paprika and tomato paste, and the bite of lemon juice and garlic. The name is an agony, the flavor a revelation.

We cooked it here with swordfish steaks but other fish steaks, like salmon or halibut, will work just as well. Unlike most fish dishes, it's also easy to make ahead, and can be served either hot or just warm. Couple it with bread for a hearty appetizer or with rice for a main course.