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Cooks Are Falling in Love with Frywall

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If you love to cook but hate cleaning your stovetop, Frywall is a game changer. Steak to stir fries, tofu to tomato sauce, Frywall lets you sizzle without splatter or spills. Made of 100% silicone, it's heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and rolls up for pint-size storage. 

Simply perfect. You scratch your head wondering why it's taken someone so long to invent it? – PopSugar

Genius! I recommend it highly. – The Cook’s Cook

Frywall arrived and dumplings everywhere cheered – Food52

Grand Prize Winner – NBC Today’s Next Next Big Thing Competition

I love this thing! - Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate 

I am so obsessed with this amazing new kitchen gadget!  She Finds

Keeps splatters and condensation at bay. – Business Insider 

Thank god for this freaking bacon shield! – Extra Crispy

The greatest thing to ever happen to bacon - Gizmodo

Available here and at Amazon. 30 day total satisfaction guarantee.