The best splatter screen isn't a screen at all

Frywall splatter guard keeps the mess off your stovetop

Frywall is the genius solution to preventing grease, oil, and spills from dirtying up your stove and counters. Made of high-temperature silicone, Frywall fits inside your pan and lets you stir and flip while you cook.

Frywall works better than a screen 

Frywall never drops its guard, protecting your stovetop even when you stir or flip your food. Yet it lets steam escape, so proteins sear without getting soggy. You get the freedom of an open pan, with a lot less mess. 

Read why Cook's Illustrated rated Frywall the best splatter screen in a January 2019 review:

"In the end, we were surprised by how well the Frywall worked. Despite being so big and floppy, it unfurled and perched on top of each skillet in a satisfyingly secure way. Even more impressive: The paper around our burner showed hardly a speck of splatter; in contrast, our previous winner left the paper covered in a fine mist of oil."

Get the Frywall that fits your frying pan or skillet

Frywall 8 - for small pansFrywall 8 – for small pans Frywall 10 - for medium pansFrywall 10 – for medium pans Frywall 12 - for large pansFrywall 12 – for large pans

Home cooks love Frywall

Frywall fans around the world show why Frywall is the best splatter guard for frying, sautéing, simmering, and braising: